Betsy Ryan Interiors was born out of a love for all things pretty, all things unique, and just about anything Navy. In her teens, Betsy was given the attic in her house to “take over.” She decided where she wanted everything to be, laid out the plan for the half bath and worked with the contractor until they got the space just right. It was from then on that she knew her calling.

It was only natural that those early years would bring her to where she is today, helping create warm, welcoming homes for many amazing Fairfield County Families.

Betsy subscribes to the belief that creating a home should be a partnership between the designer and homeowner. After the first initial consultation, she gets a feel for the client and for their home and is mindful of their budget and desires. 

Every home is different, every homeowner unique...... helping to make a house a home that is comfortable and reflective of the people inside is what Betsy loves to do.

Email or give her a call to set up your consultation today.